The Rain Forest Tour

The guided walk by the biological reserve to San Juan has different levels of difficulty, the main species names are labeled in the forest.Our visitor will have a detailed map of trees and insects location and, a brief description will be provided.

Bird Watching

The guided walk starts early in the morning in the mountain. A big variety of endemic birds can be seen during the tour. The guided walk ends by the lake just on time to have breakfast at the wharf.

Night adventure Tour

This is an exciting tour inside the forest at night. This is an excellent option to observe insects, amphibians, reptiles and birds in their nocturnal environment, a tour full of adventure!

Horse Back Riding

Our visitor can observe a big variety of flora and fauna in the horseback riding tour. The mountain paths lead to beautiful forests and peaceful spots along the forest.

Safari Boat and Kayak

Birds, monkeys, crocodiles and a broad variety of predominant flora can be seen during the safari and kayak tour by the San Carlos River.

Motorboat Tour

This tour goes from the hotel to the San Carlos River inlet to the San Juan River in Nicaragua. Birds, amphibians and reptiles can be seen widely.

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